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Photo fire crotch

Photo fire crotch

Photo fire crotch

Photo fire crotch

Photo fire crotch

February 2009: Peekaboo Nipple Lindsay poses topless for photographer Hedi Slimane with her hair covering her breasts.

  • Images via June 2011: Visible Boob at Court During her endless string of court appearances, Lindsay's most conservative outfit—featuring a button-up blouse and black slacks—featured visible boob.

Are you curious whose nether regions made our list of the 10 Infamous Scenes Where Movie Stars Bared All? Where Her Mind Is: After the shoot, Lindsay blows off a probation hearing , prompting a judge to send her back to jail and further restrict her probation.

  • Looks like poor Li-Lo is having a bad run of luck lately! So when we say stay tuned, we mean keep it right here, dialed into this channel and pay attention 'cause it's gonna hit right around the new year.

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